13 YPD_Carla Ilhye You


As a designer, I enjoy playing around with proportions of the body---separating each section with various fabrics, seaming, etc. I visualize the human body as a blank canvas, and think about its 'composition'.

This collection was inspired by the bipolar qualities of fencing. The silent aggression exuded by the fencers, the fear…all of which join together to create a quiet tension. But, when the attack begins...it is fast and emotionless and in every respect---completely and utterly precise. I tried to bring out this idea of duality in this collection by utilizing both unconventional and conventional elements. I applied elegant, yet modern curves and conventional shapes, but utilized unconventional fabrics and materials. 

The choice to create an all white collection was a perfect reflection of my aesthetic as a designer. The color white represents to me---clarity of thoughts, action, and encapsulates a perfect completion.